Last Chance to Maximise Next Year’s Genetic Potential!

Please, before the leaves turn yellow, do a full spectrum foliar spray before senescence and the winter hibernation.

The embryos that are developing now will be next year’s harvest. By spraying now, your crop will be more able to reach the genetic potential that you have invested in.
You have invested in vines and trees with a certain root stock and variety. Now you must maximise the genetic potential you have selected. The most cost effective way is via a full spectrum foliar spray, preferably two sprays, after harvest and before the leaves turn yellow.
This process will allow your plants to store relevant trace elements, amino acids and proteins they need for a quick start to spring growth. The spray will also encourage your plants to produce many more viable embryos which next year’s harvest depends on.

Did you know, Kendon High K was developed in the 1950s as a revolutionary full spectrum foliar spray for apples and potatoes as orchard tractors and sprayers became available. It was a convenient way to give the plants a complete nutrient base for growth. Potassium was included to promote colour in flowers and fruit, and tuber density in potatoes.
Over 30 years ago Kendon removed the slow acting sulphates and replaced them with chelated trace elements which act instantly with the biochemistry and metabolic processes within the leaf. Growers reported that they could see the benefits in leaf and fruit colour within 24 hours of application.

Our customers have reported first hand that their growth cycle is shorter. They have reduced their risk of adverse weather events which can minimise or destroy their entire season’s crop. One customer, Tony a grape grower, has reduced his growing time by 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the season. This has meant he can pick his crop early and beat the Victorian frosts.
Leaf Brix is also higher, meaning sweeter and more nutritious crops. For example, using Kendon High K foliar fertiliser, a strawberry farmer increased his leaf brix from 7% to 12% in 4 days. He considered this a remarkable improvement as he thought his strawberries were already pretty good. To increase Brix 70% in 4 days, he realised regular use of Kendon High K had significantly increased the bioavailability of nutrients in a very short timeframe.

Brix is an indicator of plant health. Brix shows you how the leaf is utilising UV light (like a solar panel) with macro and trace elements, to produce leaf sugars (Brix) which are then converted to amino acids and proteins. Proteins include enzymes used in various aspects of growth.

Our customers have consistently shown that Kendon High K full spectrum foliar fertiliser has had a dramatic and positive effect on their harvest and profit margin.
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