Kenwet 1000LF

Description: Biodegradable wetting and spreading agent - low foam

Sizes: 5L, 20L

Area Treated: High quality - non ionic. Low toxicity - non flammable

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Contains: 1000g/l Alcohol Alkoxylate

Where to use: For use with knockdown and residue herbicides, growth regulator and fertilizers as nominated.

When to use: As direction for use, and as recommended with other products

Use rate: Rate varies from 5ml to 120ml per 100L Water

Useful Tips: Add Kenwet 1000LF directly to the spray tank and not to undiluted spray containing wetting agents. For foliar active herbicides spray to the point where the leaves and stems are just wet. Spraying beyond this point will encourage run-off.

Restrictions: Store in closed original container in a cool well ventilated area.

Main Usage Period: All year round


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