Iron Chelate

Description: For treatment of iron deficency in various crops, lawns and ornamentals.

Sizes: 150g, 500g, 2.5kg, 10kg, 25kg

Volume Mode: Supplied as free flowing, low dust microgranules. Dissolves completely and rapidly in water.

Contains: 130g/kg Fe is based on EDTA chelated which provides greater stability

Where to use: Rate varies from 20g to 50g per 10L of Water. Depends on situation

When to use: For best results apply Iron Chelate at such a time to ensure that the chelate is available at the beginning of seasonal growth. This will depend on local conditions. Suitable for soil and foliar application.

Useful Tips: The best way to use is to dissolve the correct amount of Fe in a convienent volume of water and apply as a course spray. May also be applied through a pressure injector or via "fertigation"system

Restrictions: Unsued products should be kept in the original sealed container

Main Usage Period: Spring - Autumn


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