No 1 (1g/kg),
No 2 (3g/kg),
No 3 (8g/kg)

Description:   Plant Propagating hormone for improving the percentage of root strike on most plant cuttings.

Induce No 1 MSDS info
Induce No 2 MSDS info
Induce No 3 MSDS info

Sizes: 30g

Area Treated: 

   Liquids: Use undiluted or with an equal volume of distilled water.
Powders: use as supplied.

Volume Mode:  Available in powder or liquid. Quicker root initiation. An increase in the number and quality of roots produced per cutting. Increased uniformity of rooting. Soft wood cutting show the best response. Best material for general use. A particular pure form of IBA for improved performance. 

Contains: IBA (Indole-3-Butyric acid)

Where to use: Increase in the percentage of cuttings which form roots.

When to use:   Root promoting substances must be used in conjunction with standard propagating techniques and facilities such as temperature, light conditions and moisture availability.

Use rate: 

   Liquids: Dip base of cutting to a depth of about 5mm into the Induce in a shallow container for 5 seconds.
Powders: Moisten the end of the cutting before dipping into Kendon Induce. Tap off excess powder and plant into propagating medium.

Useful Tips: Allow to dry and insert half the length of the cutting into a striking medium made from 2 parts of washed river sand to 1 part of peat moss. Water in thoroughly. Medium must be kept moist during the entire period of root formation.

Restrictions: Do not return used chemical to bottle containing unused IBA rootstrike.

Main Usage Period: All year.



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