Thiram 800 WP Fungicide

Description:  For control of fungal diseases of turf, fruit, ornamentals, seeds, vegetables and vines.

Sizes:  1kg, 2kg

Area Treated:  A common rate of use is 150 gm in 100 litres of water.

Contains:  Thiram

Diseases Controlled:  Septoria Spot, Black Spot, Brown Rot, Freckle, Leaf Spot, Anthracnose, Damping Off and fungal disease of turf.

Where to use:  Diseases of turf, flowers, fruit, ornamentals, seeds, vegetables and vines.

When to use:  As per directions of use for each crop situation.

Use rate:  Rates vary from 150g to 200g per 100 litres of water. See label for other rates.

Useful Tips:  Crop safety assured. Excellent for vines and stone fruit. General purpose protectant fungicide. Do not apply to fruit or vegetables later than 7 days before harvest.

Main Usage period:  Refer to product label as the directions vary according to crops and conditions.



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