Description:  Special Plant Propagating solution

Sizes:  500ml, 1L, 5L 

Volume Mode:  Synerol is a mixture of IBA and NAA

Contains:  5g/l IBA. 5g/l NAA

Where to use:  IBA/NAA solution for improving the percentage of root strike on most plant cuttings.

When to use:  Root promoting substances must be used in conjunction with standard propagating techniques and facilities such as temperature, light conditions and moisture availability.

Use rate:  Dip base of cutting to a depth of about 5mm into the Synerol in a shallow container for 5 seconds.

Useful Tips:  Allow to dry and insert half the length of the cutting into a striking medium made from 2 parts of washed river sand to 1 part of peat moss. Water in thoroughly. Keep medium moist. Cuttings that are hard to strike may need bottom heat inside a glass frame. Test a small batch of cutting to ensure that treatment will not cause damage. If damage occurs, dilute concentrate with equal volume of distilled water.

Restrictions:  Do not return used chemical to bottle containing unused Synerol.

Main Usage Period:  All year



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