Slow Grow 270

Description:  Plant Growth regulator

Sizes:  20L, 200L

Volume Mode:  Use on Tobacco, Potatoes and Onions as per Directions of use on label

MSDS info

Contains:  270g/L Maleic Hydrazide

Where to use:  For the control of premature sprouting of potato tubers and onion bulbs, and for the control of suckering to tobacco plants.

When to use:  Timings are listed in directions for use.

   Potatoes: Spray one week after blossom fall or two weeks after full bloom. In conditions when good flowering does not occur spray immediately upon the first sign of yellowing of the tops usually 4-6 weeks before harvest.

: Green crops are essential for absorption of the product and in translocation to the bulb.Apply the spray when 50% of the tops have fallen, but while all the tops are still green.

Use rate:  Potatoes & Onions 10 litres per ha (in 500-1000L ha).

Useful Tips: 

   Potatoes: Plants must be actively growing so that sufficient material can be translocated from foliage to tuber, but applying too early will reduce the crop. Best results are obtained when the relative humidity is greater thatn 85% and no rain or irrigation occurs for a week.

Onions: Avoid use on crops badly disease affected. Add a surfactant such as Kendral 600 at 25ml per 100 litres of prepared spray.


   Potatoes: Do not spray if rain is expected within 24 hours or irrigate within 24 hours of application (96 hours in Tasmania). Avoid spraying crops affected by other diseases or pests.

: When plants have three green leaves or less and all the tops are down it is usually too late for effective control.

Main Usage period:  Summer



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