Potato Dust Fungicide

Description:  Potato Dust Fungicide

Sizes:  25kg

Area Treated:   Volume to use - 2kg per tonne. 

Diseases Controlled:  Controls potato seed piece breakdown. Easy to use dust formulation. Gives good coverage on cut surfaces.

Contains:  Mancozeb fungicide - 200g/kg

Where to use:  Dusting cut pieces will reduce seed piece decay in storage and after planting. Dusting can result in better germination and stronger potato plants.

When to use:  Dust seed potatoes immediately after cutting.

Use rate:  Ensure all cut surfaces are covered. Use 200g/100kg of seed or 2kg per tonne.

Useful Tips:  Rate of application can vary depending upon size of cut pieces.

Restrictions:  Do not use treated seed potatoes for food or feed purposes.

Main Usage Period:  All year.



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