Micro Mix

Description:  Micronutrient Mixture

Sizes:  25kg

Volume Mode:  Micro Mix can improve the efficiency potential of the present NPK program.

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Contains:  Manganese/ Zinz/ Copper/ Boron/ Molybdenum/ Magnesium/ Iron/ Sulphur.

Where to use:  A mixture of micronutrients can be used on all plants grown in artificial/soilless media, bark based substrates & peat based substrates.

When to use: 

   1. Vary rates of application according to requirements.
2. Micro Mix should be incorporated in artificial/soilless media for potting up or shifting.
3. Micro Mix should be the sole source of micronutrients.
4. Check on plants that exhibit boron or molybdenum toxicity.
5. Ensure Micro Mix is free flowing before incorporation.

Useful Tips:  Optimum rate of NPK should be done by comparing rate. Try fertilizing a small block of plants with higher (25%-50%) NPK rates. Visual comparisons will indicate adjustments which may be necessary for subsequent plantings.

Main Usage period:  All year.



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