Liquid Manure

Description: Concentrated plant food plus chelated trace elements    

Sizes: 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L            

Volume Mode: 500ml makes up to 400L. In vegetable use 1L of mixed spray to 1sq metre, from watering can.       

Contains: 10.9n:2.6p:9.1k & chelated trace elements   

Where to use: For vegetable crops, pome, stone and citrus orchards, ornamentals and glasshouse use. Formulated to include EDTA chelated trace elements.   

When to use: Kendon Liquid Manure is a balanced nutrient for both soil and foliar application suitable for plants at every stage of development from seedling to maturity.    

Use rate: Use rate vary from 2L to 4L per ha. Vegetables in home garden 20ml to 8L water.   

Useful tips: May be mixed with most insecticides and fungicides except alkaline materials such as Bordeaux, Anti-Scale Oil or Lime Sulphur. Mix small quantities to test for precipitations if in doubt.   

Restrictions: Avoid spraying foliage in hot and slow drying conditions. Always apply Liquid Manure diluted.   

Main Usage Period: Spring/Autumn



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