Kendral 600

Description:  Non ionic surfactant, wetting and spreading agent 

Sizes:  1L, 5L, 20L

Area Treated:   Horticultural Sprays 10ml/100L water, Knockdown herbicide 200ml/100L water, Weedkiller Spray 12ml/100L water

MSDS info

Volume Mode:  The use of Kendrall 600 increases the effectiveness of sprays. Kendrall 600 will not damage plant foliage and blossom.

Contains:  600g/L Nonyl Phen

Where to use:  Is used as a wetting agent with insecticide, fungicides and herbicides. This one wetter is suitable for use with a wide range of sprays. It is both convenient and cost saving. Kendral 600 is a spray additive designed to increase the activity and efficiency of pesticides and herbicides through increased wetting and improve spray coverage.

When to use:  Follow directions for use recommendations.

Use rate:  Rate varies from 10ml to 200ml per 100L water 

Useful Tips:  Non-ionic surfactant, can be used with alkaline sprays, non flammable, spray only to the point where the leaves are just wet. Spraying beyond this point will encourage run off and wastage of chemicals.

Restrictions:  Avoid contact with eyes to prevent possible irritation.

Main Usage Period:  All year



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