High K Foliar Fertilizer

Description: A high potash liquid foliar fertilizer with chelated trace elements

Sizes: 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L

MSDS info

Volume Mode: 6-10L in 200L Water

Contains: 10N: 8P: 20K and chelated trace elements

Where to use: To boost fruit and flowering performance of fruit and vegetables, ornamentals, fodder crops including lawn and turf.

When to use: For the use of specific crops as a supplementary nutrient at times when rapid growth, flowering, fruitsetting, or unfavourable weather increase the need for readily available plant food

Use rate: Apply as a diluted product and immediately after mixing. Rates vary with crop. - See label

Useful Tips: May be mixed with most insecticides and fungicides except alkaline materials such as Bordeaux, White Oil or Lime Sulphur.

Restrictions: Avoid application during hottest time of day or in hot sunshine. Do not add Magnesium Sulphate to concentrated High K or precipitation will result.


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