High Nite

Description:  Foliar Fertilizer: high in nitrogen plus chelated trace elements.

Sizes:  25kg

Volume Mode:  Gives quick boost to encourage growth and "green" up plants.

Contains:  High Nite Soluble Foliar Fertilizer N 19.2: P 3.4: K16.2

Where to use:  For use on vegetable , crops and ornamentals. Formulated to include the Librel EDTA chelated trace elements.

When to use:  As a supplementary foliar fertilizer high in nitrogen.

Use rate:  Use at the rate of 1g/L of water. Apply at 14 day intervals.

Useful Tips:  No chloride build up in the soil to inhibit plant growth. Easy identification of sprayed plants contains tracer dye. Formulation to include Librel EDTA chelated trace elements, which are easily absorbed by plant leaves. Chelated compound assist in absorption and reduces the occurance of leaf scorch or root damage because Librel chelates are not caustic. Should other products need to be added - do this last.

Restrictions:  Avoid application to foliage during the hottest time of the day. Do not store diluted High Nite.

Main Usage Period:  All year.



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