Grafting Mastic Compound H

Description:  Waterproof sealing medium for horticultural purposes.

Sizes:  100g, 500, 2.5kg, 20kg

Area Treated:   Suitable for sealing grafts, treating large tree wounds. Root grafting of nursery trees.

Contains:  Based on bees wax.

Where to use:  Mastic H - warm climate application or use in summer.

When to use:  At any time when the Stock is in the dormant state.

Use rate:  Applying to the graft to ensure complete enclusion of air and moisture.

Useful Tips:  Mastic H can be readily worked around the grafts by the fingers. Do not use excessive quantities of Mastic otherwise results may be impaired

Restrictions:  Keep the package tightly closed.

Main Usage Period:  Usually winter - spring



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