Commercial Citrus Stop Drop

Description:  For reduction of pre-harvest drop and control of colouring of citrus fruit 

Sizes:  1L, 5L  

MSDS info

Volume Mode:  Stops Citrus varieties from dropping after rippening well before the desired harvest time. Retention of at least part of the crop is desirable to spread the harvest season and allow orderly marketing.

Contains:  2, 4-D (present as Dimethylamine salt)

When to use:  Timing is also listed in directions for use. Post harvest dipping: 500ppm in the bulk dipping tank.

Use rate:  For reduction of pre-harvest drop, apply in April/May (at colour break) when the rind colour changes from dark to light green - 10ppm.

Useful Tips:  Apply the spray to wet the fruit buttons. Make sure fruit is thoroughly wetted. For retardation of colouring, delay ageing of rind. Addition of Gibberellic Acid to Citrus Stop Drop will hold fruit in good condition until July.

Restrictions:  Do not mix this product with other agricultural chemicals except when Gibberellic Acid as recommended. Can be mixed with fungicides in the bulk dipping tank.

Main Usage Period:  Autumn



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