Point Herbicide

Description:  Pre and post emergence herbicide for control of broadleaf weeds and some grasses.

Sizes:  1L, 2.5L,5L

Area Treated:  General. 4 Litres per ha Tank mix with Kenup at rate of 75ml / ha or with Sprayquat 250 ml / ha.

MSDS info

Contains:  Oxyfluorfen

Weeds Controlled:  Extensive list of broadleaf weeds & grasses including Amsinckia, Barley grass, Blackberry nightshade, Chickweed,Rye grass, Wild radish, Mallow,Pigweed, Capeweed,Marshmallow seedlings & others.

Where to use:  Fruit trees and vines, brassica crops, Onions and as a tank mix with knockdown herbicides.

When to use:  As a pre-emergence treatment on weed free soil. Spray over small weeds. Tank mix with Knockdown herbicides. Pre-plant incorporated into weed free soil worked to a fine tilth.

Use rate:  Rates vary according to crop and application. 350ml to 4 litres ha & 75 to 250 ml ha in tank mixes.

Useful Tips:  When used on weed free soil, leave area sprayed undisturbed during the period of desired weed control. Apply to young and actively growing seedling weeds if this application is necessary. If required use Kendral 600 as a wetting agent. When applying to bare soil use 250-500 litres water/ha.

Main Usage Period:  Weed free soil, Tank mix, Dormant application prior to sowing.



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